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Waterloo Park Promenade Exhibition, 2024

Waterloo Park held significant meaning for our family, as we began to establish roots in Canada more than twenty years ago. It served as a playground for my daughter and a gathering place for our friends. The concept of tracing, which I first explored in my Rome series in 2019, became a poignant method of recalling reflections and memories. Through research, I have acquired a 2003 map of Waterloo Park, and digitally traced the trails that we had walked on. Each traced path encapsulates personal experiences and emotions from various stages of our lives in Waterloo. Despite the park's changes over the years, the trails largely remain familiar, and their lines and shapes are recognizable. Departing from the mono print process used in the Rome series, I opted for a digital approach to craft the banner image, a more suitable process in this project.


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