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Tangible Experience, 2024

Solo Exhibition at Rotunda Gallery, 2024

The inspiration for this collection stems from a trip to southeast England in 2023. Seeking to transcend mere visual recollection, I hoped to create a multisensory narrative that delved deeper into the essence of travel, offering a perspective beyond conventional tourism. Hence the artist book “Tangible experience-England”. 

My interest to chance drew me to lichens I encountered during the trip. Thriving on the medieval castle walls, these resilient organisms endure harsh environments, embodying spontaneous beauty in their slow grow journey. The residual marks left by wood burning during the process further highlights the unpredictability inherent in both nature and artistic creation. The same process is adopted in the later works, such as “Marsh Impression” that inspired by my residency at Point Pelee National Park. 

Viewers are invited to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty in the easily overlooked intricacies of the world.

The Exhibition is kindly supported by Rotunda Gallery, City of Kitchener, Ontario Arts Council and Government of Ontario!

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