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The Others, 2024

Growing up in a time and place where resources had been scarce taught me the value of saving and repurposing. In my art practice, I attempt to do the same. 

I find inspiration in the discarded materials from laser cutting. I am intrigued by the lines and shapes of these wastes, especially the plywood scraps. They are left behind as unusable, unwanted “others”, but they are the evidence of human activities. They carry the traces of the memories, the stories of unknown persons, no matter how insignificant in the history. 

I collage these pieces with cutting pieces from my own drawing together to create a panel and use the embossment technique to give a new life of these waste materials. The resulting prints are the outcomes guided by chance and spontaneity. The contrast between the light brown shapes and the colorless raised paper adds an intriguing dimension to the work. They constantly interact and compete with each other to capture viewer’s attention and interpretation.


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